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Keys for Minecraft for free 2020 – 2022

keys for minecraft 2020 2022

Hello my young lover of cubes and freebies. Today we have prepared Keys for Minecraft for free 2020-2022 especially for you.  In our selection you will find keys for free activation of Minecraft and keys generation in minecraft (what it is and how to use it, I will not tell you much below)

Minecraft-this is a very popular, just insanely popular game, I would even say, a very, very popular game. Which is played by a very large number of people from all over the world and this game is shot a lot of videos from ordinary school children to the most popular content makers. But what kind of game is it that everyone loves and adores it so much? And this game is just a survival simulator in which the whole world is destroyed and everything consists of cubes.  Although, something tells me this is already known by every person on the planet. But still. Well as any material published on our site keys-online.ru -Minecraft is a paid game and is activated by entering the key on various platforms, such as: Microsoft store, XBOX stere, PS plus and actually on the site of Mahjong.

Actually here are some keys for Minecraft :

Keys for Minecraft for free 2020 – 2022

  • 7QEE9-9ZG0K-QIG26-2B2M8-4WMEL
  • 0QSJY-3UGX2-Q235E-TV711-HU36O
  • E7ZBT-6CG4E-4FW84-JNQ6M-9DWV9
  • NREFX-10V0B-WFUA4-63C5O-O4XH2


Keys for generating the world in Minecraft

Actually, the free keys for activating the game minecraft are over, now we go to the keys for generating the world of Minecraft.

In this wonderful game, there is a so-called random generation of worlds, at the start of the game. But in the settings of the start of the game there is one very convenient and relevant thing, such as-input for generating the world. This feature allows you to view various interesting created worlds on the Internet and create them at home to play with pleasure, while not downloading any maps and modifications, which makes it very easy to use them.

Below are the most popular keys for generating the world, which will be taken from various popular sites from the Internet.


Let’s start with versions 1.14 and 1.14.4, as well as newer versions of Minecraft.

Different worlds with interesting villages and wrecked ships


112908528 – a large village in the mountains

1782416884 – Crashed ship on a large village

902075386 – a large village in the winter landscape in the mountains

-613756530319979507 – The village is an Island with a crashed ship (big)

1028438881 Zombie village

-1881547168 – Very interesting spawn, where you will find 2 villages, 1 pyramid and Outpost of robbers nearby.

-815047738 – A sandy area in which there will be a broken ship and an outpost of robbers nearby.

345532883 – Again spawn with robbers and two villages in the neighborhood.

1740898261 – more robbers and villages

-2052920443 – Isle of thieves


Actually, this is where the keys for Minecraft for free 2020 – 2022 have ended for today, so we sincerely hope that you were able to find the right One for Yourself and successfully activate it!