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ESET NOD32 internet security 30-60 дней


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Аккаунт для Office 365 Pro на 5 устройств


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Аккаунт Atomic Heart и 400 игр в подарок

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Kaspersky internet security на 1 год

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Keys for driver booster 2019 – 2020

Keys for driver booster 2019 - 2020

Connected to Kyes-online.ru. Today we will again touch upon a program such as a booster driver, only now of course with more updated keys that will work in 2019-2020 if new versions of the program are not released. Actually, today we are waiting for the keys for driver booster 2019 – 2020.

Earlier, we already had keys for this program and its closest relatives.


Driver booster 2019 – 2020

Now, we can not go to the program itself much. Actually Driver booster is a program for updates and improved work and tracking your drivers, no matter how strange it sounds. At the moment, the program is very popular and relevant for working with drivers, because it is not surprising! The program is constantly monitored by developers and very often release various updates that only help people who bought the program, but the tech who activated it with the activator or if he needed the keys for driver booster 2019-2020 sometimes remains with his nose, but if activate everything correctly and accurately and keep track of updates in a timely manner – there will be no problems. So be very careful and careful.

Keys for driver booster 2019 – 2020

Now we moved on to the keys for the booster themselves. This keys are entered in a very simple way, through the menu, and now the activation instruction itself, which was taken from one public in VK, but was slightly rewritten so that the search engines would not swear.

1) Download and install Driver Booster 6.4 from the official website.

2) Download the files Register.dll and Del.bat – DOWNLOAD (SHOULD HERE)

3) Copy the downloaded files to the program folder, replacing the files that you can. (We do not start the program before, or turn it off, be sure to use the task manager, so that there would not be even one mention of it in the processes)
Another option – you can restart the PC if you can’t replace the files

4) We find and right-click on Del.bat while choosing “run as administrator”
Enter one of the keys below and enjoy life


Actually, this is where the keys for driver booster 2019 – 2020 end. We hope they helped you and you were able to calmly activate your program and start using it in its entirety. Thank you all with you was the project keys online, bye!)